Lady Eagle Policies & Procedures

Georgetown Lady Eagle Basketball

Policies and Procedures


Philosophy:  Participation in the sport of basketball means more that competition between two teams representing different schools.  Basketball teaches fair play and sportsmanship, understanding and appreciation of teamwork and team unity, dedication and commitment, hard work and resiliency, mental and physical preparation, positive self-image and intelligence, respect for self, team, high school, and community, self-discipline, and pride.


Because participation is a privilege rather than a right, it is important for Lady Eagle basketball players’ behavior to be above reproach.  They are held to a higher standard than other Georgetown High School students. The emphasis will be on excellence rather that winning. When coaches and players alike strive for excellence in those things listed above, winning will take care of itself.


Purpose:  Lady Eagle Basketball provides both a cooperative and competitive environment where it is understood that a team’s success depends on the cohesiveness, selflessness, and dedication of those individuals involved.


Mission Statement:  Being a Georgetown Lady Eagle is a privilege…an identity…a legacy.  Lady Eagles pursue excellence to honor the heroes who have gone before.  They chase perfection to encourage the aspirations of those players who will come after, knowing that their performances here are connected to everything that will be the Georgetown Tradition.


Georgetown athletes are bound together by a common commitment.  They compete to win, yet understand the real rewards come from the doing; the pride lies in the process.  They have high expectations to live up to. Still, none could be higher than the ones they have of themselves.


Basketball is a part of the whole that makes that tradition.  If you choose to become a Lady Eagle, you inherit the expectation and the commitment.  If you wear the blue and white, you go to the floor after every loose ball. You play defense and you run the floor.  You compete. You learn and you laugh and you work and you play with a passion that makes you perform like a champion.


Being a Georgetown Lady Eagle is an all-the-time thing.  It’s what you do, where you go, and who you are. And it’s a forever family!


In order for our program to continue to be successful, we believe the following things must happen.


Train Consistently

To become a great player, you need to practice at 100% everyday both on the court and in the weight room.  Conditioning, weight lifting, and play must continue beyond the competitive high school season.


Be Competitive

Challenge yourself and your teammates every day in practice.  There is no place for “mother-in-lawing” in basketball.


Be Committed

Make basketball a high priority but not at the expense of balance in your life.  In addition to physically training hard every day, you must hydrate properly, eat right, get plenty of rest, excel in the classroom, and take time for your family and spiritual growth.


Have Fun

In order to enjoy the experience of playing basketball, it is essential for players to have fun.  Players will learn to enjoy working hard in practice, taking time to have fun along the way. They will learn to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.


The Athletic Handbook supersedes all rules and regulations set forth in this document.  To be a Lady Eagle basketball player or manager, you must adhere to the following policies and

procedures.  The penalty for violation of any team rule, other than the use of alcohol, drugs, and

tobacco, will be to run 30 timed walls (down and back in 12 seconds).                                          



Each basketball player will wear the workout gear issued.  Shirts specific to the team’s theme may be issued to junior varsity and varsity players.  Jerseys are to be worn tucked in. Visible tattoos are to be covered with tape. All jewelry including stud earrings are to be removed.  Hair must be worn tied back without tape or clips. The chewing of gum is prohibited. Socks must be worn with shoes. Basketball shoes will be worn during practices and games.  Running shoes will be worn outside.


Each player is responsible for properly maintaining all issued uniforms and equipment.  Each player will be financially responsible for uniforms or equipment which is returned in inappropriate condition or lost.


Locker Room Rules

Assigned lockers must be locked at all times.  Purses, jewelry, money, and other valuables must be secured in locker at all times.  Shoes and rocket socks must be stored in lower part of wooden locker. Clothing must be hung on hooks.  Books may be placed in open cubby.


Absences from Practice/Games/School

If a player is absent from school, she or her parent must call and leave a message for the appropriate coach explaining the absence.  If a player misses a practice for any reason, she will make up the practice by running 30 times walls (down and back in 12 seconds). If a player is ill or injured and in attendance at practices but unable to compete, she does not have to make up the practice.  Each player must make doctor and dentist appointments outside the school day. A player may not miss a basketball practice, activity/event, or game for a non-school activity, unless approved by the coach prior to the event.


Use of Alcohol, Drugs, Vaping and Tobacco

Each player and her parent will sign and adhere to the rules and penalties set forth by the Georgetown ISD School Board in the Code of Conduct and Athletic Handbook.  Each player and her parent will consent to the player being drug tested and having any personal items in the dressing room searched.


Transportation to and from Games

Each player will ride to and from all games on the bus as a team.  If extenuating circumstances should arise, prior to leaving for the game, parents may speak with the head coach to obtain permission for their daughter to ride home with them.  A parent must see the coach in person and give him/her a note with the daughter’s name, extenuating reason, and date.


Selection of Captains

Captains for the next year (a number to be determined by head coach), will be elected by returning players before the beginning of the next season.


Lettering Policy

In order to letter and receive a letter jacket, a player must make the varsity and be in good standing as well as attend or makeup all practices and games.  If illness or injury occurs, lettering will be at the head coach’s discretion. Managers are subject to the same policy.


Academic Progress

If a player fails for two consecutive nine week grading periods, she may be removed from the basketball team and class.  If a player’s grade falls below 76, she may be required to attend tutorials every day, bringing a note to the coach for verification, until the teacher indicates that the player has a grade of 76 or better.



Each player is expected to behave in the classroom, in the hallways, at school functions, on the bus, and out in the community.  In addition, each player is to dress according to the school dress code. Bullying and cyber bullying, both on and off the campus, is specifically prohibited.


Use of Cell Phones

A coach may restrict the use of cell phones in certain situations.


Work Ethic and Tradition

Each player is expected to practice and play at 100% every day.  Each player must be aware of the hard work and sacrifice of the players who have played for Georgetown in the past.  Each player is expected to respect and carry on the Lady Eagle Basketball tradition.


Behavior Expectations of Spectators

It is a privilege to attend Lady Eagle basketball games as a spectator.  Spectators must comply with all UIL and GISD rules and regulations. Remember that purchasing a ticket to a game does not give one the right to say or do as he pleases.


Player Conduct

Lady Eagle basketball players must conduct themselves in a manner that will bring pride and honor to the Georgetown community, Georgetown High School, and the athletic program.  No Lady Eagle basketball player has the right to say or do anything that might hurt, embarrass, or degrade herself, her teammates, or her coaches. Conduct that does not reflect the values of the Georgetown community will not be tolerated.  Penalties for inappropriate player conduct are physical conditioning, suspension from game or games, indefinite suspension, or dismissal from the team.


New UIL rule assesses game suspensions for players and/or coaches that enter the court when a fight occurs.  


Keep the policies and procedures and return this acknowledgment sheet.


I have read and understand the Lady Eagle Basketball Policies and Procedures and will adhere to them.


      Athlete’s Printed Name


Athlete’s Signature                Date


I have read and understand the Lady Eagle Basketball Policies and Procedures and will help my daughter adhere to them.


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