The 2002-2003 Georgetown Lady Eagles compiled a 33-6 record en route to being the Class 5A state runners-up, losing to traditional power Duncanville in the state championship game, which was played before a crowd of more than 10,000 at the Erwin Center in Austin.
  After completing a perfect 14-0 run through District 14-5A, coach Rhonda Farney’s Lady Eagles marched through Spring Westfield, Cypress-Fairbanks, Plano and Rockwall to win the Region II-5A title and then bested Fort Bend Hightower in the 5A state semifinals.
  Only two of Georgetown’s losses were to Texas teams. In addition to the state finals, the Lady Eagles dropped a one-point decision to Houston Madison.  The other losses were to nationally ranked  out-of state teams, including No. 3 Fort Smith (Ark.) Northside.  GHS played in two prestigious national invitational tournaments — the Air Force/Rotary Lone Star Invitational in San Antonio and the Nike Tournament of Champions in Phoenix.
   Georgetown took a 19-game winning streak into the state championship game with Duncanville.
    During their 33-game regular-season campaign, the Lady Eagles had an average victory margin of 17.2 points with 16 of their wins being by 20 points or more.
   The Lady Eagles creed for the season was “The difference in playing and playing well . . . 70-30.”  The 70 referring to the distance in miles to the regional tournament at the Ferrell Center on the Baylor campus in Waco and 30 is the distance from GHS to the Erwin Center.
   The Lady Eagles had all five starters returning from the previous season — forward Erica Kovach, post Megan Gooch, guard Tori Alloway, guard Cali Ebeling and guard Christy Hubbard. The team had to overcome injuries during the season as returning letter-winner Cayce Turner was lost prior to the start of the season with a knee injury and the 6-foot-3 Gooch missed 20 early and mid-season games with back problems, not returning until Jan. 3.
   Kovach, who signed to play collegiately at Division I Boston University, was a consensus all-state selection and the MVP in District 14-5A among many honors. She also establidhed several school scoring records, including marks for points in a career, season and single game.
   The team captains were Alloway, Hubbard and Kovach.
   In addition to their performance on the court, 10 Lady Eagles earned District 14-5 academic all-district honors.
   Farney’s coaching staff was composed of Kellye Richardson, Doug Hunt and Kristin Curtis.
   A closer look at the individual team members and their remembrances of being Lady Eagles and part of an elite program:
Position: Assistant coach, 1998-2010.
Parents: Darrell and Melyn Hunt.
Family: Spouse — Teresa Hunt. Children — Agnes Harper, 5.
Occupation:  Girls Coordinator, head cross country coach, head girls basketball coach, Seymour High School.
What has being a Lady Eagle meant to you? “Being a Georgetown Lady Eagle means so much to me. I spent 12 unforgettable years on Coach Farney’s staff. The motto of WE>me sums up my feelings and connection to the program. I have been away from Georgetown going on eight years and I still bleed G-Town Blue!!!”
Position: Athletic trainer.
Family: Spouse — DeNae. Children — Nolan, 17;  DeLaney 13.
Occupation: Athletic trainer.
Fondest Lady Eagle Basketball memory:  “The entire 2003 season was so much fun. I enjoyed being able to be a part of it. I also appreciated being included in everything and really felt like I was a part of the team.”
Position: Athletics trainer.
(No questionnaire received)
Jersey No.: 42, forward.
2003 honors: Team MVP, District 14-5A MVP, All-Central Texas Player of the Year, Williamson County Player of the Year, Texas Association of Basketball Coaches All-State, Texas Girls Coaches Association All-State, UIL 5A All-State Tournament, Texas Basketball Magazine All-State, TABC and TGCA All-Star Game selection, McDonald’s All-American Honorable Mention.
School records include: Varsity career points: 2,125. Most points in a game: 45 vs. Brenham, 2002; Most points in a season: 775, 2002-203. Career field goals: 753. Most field goals in a game: 18. Career free throws: 568. Free throws in a season: 191, 2002-2003.
Graduation Year 2003.
Parents: Karen and Joe Kovach.
Occupation: Special education teacher at McLean Hospital, Belmont, Mass., and head JV basketball coach at Gann Academy, Waltham, Mass.
Fondest Lady Eagle Basketball memory: “All of the “outside-the-lines” moments that truly bonded us as a team, that showed “between-the-lines” when others doubted us.”
 What has being a Lady Eagle meant to you?: Being a former Lady Eagle has meant to me the true meaning of pride and what it means to instill pride in all aspects of my life. I have taken attributes from all of my former coaches and have in some manner repurposed them in ways that fit my everyday life. These teachings that were ingrained in me are not only limited to the court, but my coaches have modeled in their own lives ways in which pride should be represented. I will be forever grateful to have come through the Lady Eagle program and will be forever indebted to the coaches who have given me their all and who have shown me that Eagle Fight Will Never Die.”
Jersey No./Position: 50, post.
2003 honors: All-Centex sceond team, Honorable Mention All-District 14-5A, Second-Team All-Williamson County, Texas Basketball Magazine All-Stater, Honorable Mention McDonalds All-American, Megan C. Hernandez Memorial Basketball Award.
Graduation Year: 2003.
Parents: The late Terry Gooch, Rick and Darice Gooch.
Family: Spouse — Heath Heine.
Occupation: Oilfield sales.
Fondest Lady Eagle Basketball memory:  “Going to state my senior year.”
What has being a Lady Eagle meant to you?: “A winning tradition.”
Jersey No./Position: 12, point guard.
2003 honors: All-District 14-5A second team, All-Williamson County first team, All-Centex second team, TABC All-Region second team, Texas Basketball Magazine all-state.
Graduation Year: 2003.
Parents: Harley and Kathy Alloway.
Spouse: Jenna Sabatini. Pets — Two cats, Fervy, Biggie Smalls.
Occupation: Account executive.
Fondest Lady Eagle Basketball Memory: “Drumming the beat in the locker room to get pumped up before every game.”
What has being a Lady Eagle meant to you?:  “Taught me that hard work and discipline pays off. Proud to be a part of Rhonda’s legacy.”
Jersey No./Position: 30, guard.
2003 honors: Second-team All-District 14-5A, Texas Girls Coaches Association Academic All-State.
Graduation Year: 2003.
Parents: Allen and Labob Ebeling.
Family: Spouse — Mac Bono. Children — Brecklyn, 3; Teagen, 1.
Occupation: DOT compliance coordinator.
Fondest Lady Eagle Basketball memory:  “Going to the state tornament.”
What has being a Lady Eagle meant to you?:  “Hard work, decication and knowing your role on the team.”
Jersey No./Position: 22, guard.
2003 honors: All-District 14-5A first team, All-Williamson County second team.
Graduation Year: 2003.
(No questionnaire received)
Jersey No./Position: 40, post.
2003 honors: Second-team All-District 14-5A.
Graduation Year: 2003.
Parents: Fred and Cynthia Brown and Rickey Fisher.
Family: Spouse — Tammie Baker.
Occupation: Sous Chef for Morrison Community Living.
Fondest Lady Eagle Basketball memory: “My favorite memory was our pre-game ritual before every game in the locker room. We did everything the same each time.”
What has being a Lady Eagle meant to you?:  “It means being part of a legacy and that no matter where we all have gone in life, it is something that will always be a part of us.”
Jersey No.: 24.
Graduation Year: 2003.
Parents: George Knox.
Family: Spouse — Michael Harris. Children — Deone, 10; Maleeha, 7;  Madilynn, 1.
Occupation: Healthcare office manager.
Fondest Lady Eagle Basketball memory:  “The bond that all of us had. There was never a dull moment no matter where we were; whether it be in the locker room, bus or in practice.”
What has being a Lady Eagle meant to you?:  “Being apart of this team has taught me many things like being a team player, being determined to strive towards goals I set, and always persevering to be the person I am today through all the challenges I have been faced within life.
Jersey No./Position: 10, guard.
Graduation Year: 2003.
Parents: Steve and Cindy Turner.
Family: Spouse  — Kyle  Riggen. Children — Logan Riggen, 4.
Occupation: Currently a stay-at-home mom, Leander coach and teacher .
Fondest Lady Eagle Basketball memory: “I enjoyed the competition and the school pride.  My fondest memories were playing in the Vegas Christmas tournament (in 2000), the bus rides to all the away games, and the pregame locker room rituals.”
What has being a Lady Eagle meant to you? “Being a Lady Eagle has always meant playing hard, out hustling your opponent, and never giving up!”
Jersey No./Postion: 34, post.
Graduation Year: 2005.
Parents: Margaret and Walter Richardson.
Family: Spouse — David Durell.
Occupation: Teacher and coach at East View High School.
Fondest Lady Eagle Basketball memory: “I most remember practices where school was closed, our practice clothes arriving dirty, etiquette classes, and Saturdays when we would watch film and eat Round Rock donuts. All of these things set us apart from other programs. The dedication and commitment that it took to be a part of the program was a true honor that allowed us to be successful and compete in the state basketball tournament.”
What has being a Lady Eagle meant to you? “Being a Lady Eagle means tradition, strong work ethic, and the desire to succeed regardless of the circumstance. Being a Lady Eagle is a honor that is achieved through hard work and dedication; something to be proud of as a female athlete.”
Jersey No./Position: 52, post.
Graduation Year: 2005.
Parents: Donna McLaurin.
Family: Spouse: Sterling Harris. Children — Two dogs.
Occupation: Professional counselor.
Fondest Lady Eagle Basketball Memory: “Team Dinners!”
What has being a Lady Eagle meant to you? “Being a Lady Eagle has meant working hard and growing in leadership, meeting and overcoming adversity, and living a life of resilience with the ability to bare down and pursue what you believe in and feel passionately about. It means working together and being valuable no matter how much or little you play. So much of athletics and the character you build in the process of being a Lady Eagle will shape and impact the rest of your life. I am very thankful to have been part of such a powerful program.”
Jersey No./Position: 14, guard.
Graduation Year: 2004.
Parents: Buzzy and Ollie Ann Pool.
Family: Spouse — Ricardo De Faria. Children — Mason, 2; Mackenzie, 8 months.
Occupation: Teacher/coach.
Fondest Lady Eagle Basketball memory:  “Going to State and having team dinners every week! Plus our amazing coaches!”
What has being a Lady Eagle meant to you? “Being a Lady Eagle is something that will stay with me forever! I learned so many things that I now use in my daily life and also coach and teach to my kiddos at school. Teamwork, discipline, fundamentals, proper etiquette (lol) and everything in between. Eagle Fight Never Dies! Love y’all!”
Jersey No./Position: 20, guard.
Graduation Year: 2006.
Parents: Brad and Kathie Thomas.
Family: Spouse — Jason Ferguson. Children — Audrey, 1.5; Jack, 2 months.
Occupation: Business development manager.
Fondest Lady Eagle Basketball memory: “I can’t say that any one memory sticks out over another after all of this time. However, it is the collection of memories that are extremely special to me. I come across things all the time that trigger a memory back to my days as a Lady Eagle. That is the truly special thing about being a part of a program like this. Somehow, someway nearly 11 years after my last game, it comes up in everyday life. It just proves how large a role being a part of this program played for me growing up.”
What has being a Lady Eagle meant to you? “The most important takeaway I have from my time as a Lady Eagle is realizing that I am so much more capable than I realize. When focused and headstrong there really isn’t much I cannot accomplish. Needless to say I learned this the hard way (running until I thought I couldn’t possibly take another step and then taking many more). This lesson to persevere and keep pushing comes in to play nearly every single day, especially now that I am a parent. Life has many late nights, many exhausting days, and many days full of stress and responsibility that make me wonder if I can possibly handle it all. Being a Lady Eagle prepared me for this life and showed me what I was reall”
Jersey No./Position: 32, guard.
Graduation Year: 2005.
Parents: Angie and Jessie Ochoa.
Occupation: Clinical operations managers.
Fondest Lady Eagle Basketball memory: “Getting yelled at by (assistant coach) Doug (Hunt) because I couldn’t make it across the monkey bars in the big room. He had to carry me on his shoulders because my hands were so raw.”
What has being a Lady Eagle meant to you? “To me being a Lady Eagle was always more than wearing a jersey and winning the big games. Being Lady Eagle means you have drive and determination. A Lady Eeagle works hard, she is driven, determined, independent, strong, and caring.”
Jersey No./Position: 11, guard.
Graduation Year: 2004.
Parents: Milton and Nancy Van Dusen.
Family: Spouse — David Gibson.
Occupation: Master hair stylist.
Fondest Lady Eagle Basketball memory: “Definitely, going to state and all the exciting things that came with it was my best memory. We were escorted out of Georgetown on our bus by police officers. Sirens and lights were going as we drove through the square. It was a good way to head to the state tournament. Being at the Erwin Center, behind the scenes, in the locker rooms and laying (well, warming up) on the huge court. An experience I will never forget.”
What has being a Lady Eagle meant to you? “I will never forget our intense long practices, running lines like they were never going to end. Practicing in the indoor football room and getting matched up to wrestle the older girls. Our weightlifting days, team dinners, game days, all the locker room shenanigans, chili suppers, weekend tournaments, all the laughing and friendships.”
Position: Student coach.,
Parents: Gary and Sandra Wills.
Family: Spouse — Josh Covault.
Occupation: Athletic director at Westminster Christian Academy high school  in Opelousas, La.
Fondest Lady Eagle Basketball memory:  “Music for the National Anthem had stopped playing through the speakers of Baylor Stadium. Our families, Sun City supporters, and student fans sang loud and proud. It was a truereflection of the amazing support we were blessed to have from family and our community.”
What has being a Lady Eagle meant to you?: “I learned how to work under all circumstances and come out successful. It’s a quality that has helped further me as a leaderand a quality I continue to share with those I influence today.”
Postion: Manager.
Graduation Year:
Parents: Carlette Litterst and Ron Schlabach.
Family: Spouse — John Westerman. Children — Preston, 4; Joshua, 4 months.
Occupation: Occupational trherapist.
Fondest Lady Eagle Basketball Memory: “Forged friendships.”
What has being a Lady Eagle meant to you? “To be part of something representative of our hometown! #EFND!”
Position: Student trainer.
Graduation Year: 2105.
Parents: David and Cathy Ramsey.
Family: Spouse — Shane Littleton. Children — Parker, 2.
Occupation: Instructional technology specialist for Round Rock ISD.
Fondest Lady Eagle Basketball memory: “I loved to travel with the team. Although I was not officially part of the playing team, I always felt included and needed. I also loved the final state competition. Being on the bench at the Frank Erwin Center with the incredible team that we had was one of the best high school basketball games I ever watched as well as the most stressful!”
What has being a Lady Eagle meant to you? “As a trainer we didn’t get to always choose which team we were a part of. I felt so blessed to be able to start off with the Lady Eagle team and continue throughout high school. Some of the fondest memories I have of high school were being with the team and coaches every day and being able to support them!”
Position: Statistician.
Graduation Year: 2004.
Parents: Joe and Donna Champlin.
Family: Spouse –Brian Unger. Children — Ella 4, Andrew, 8 months.
Occupation: Teacher.
Fondest Lady Eagle Basketball memory: “My fondest Lady Eagle memory is singing the school song once we got close to high school after away games. No matter what the score was, it was a sense of pride to sing the school song and arrive back at school.”
What has being a Lady Eagle meant to you? “Being a Lady Eagle has been a great honor. I had the pleasure to work with amazing coaches and players that have left an impact and legacy at GHS for years.”
No. — Name                                     Cl.    Ht.  Pos.
10 — Cayce Turner                          sr.   5-6    G
11 — Kelsey Van Dusen                  jr.   5-7    G
12 — Tori Alloway                           sr.  5-7     G
14 — Hanna Pool                             jr.   5-8     G
20 — Jennifer Thomas                    fr.   5-8     G
22 — Christy Hubbard                    sr.   5-7     G
24 — DeAnna Knox                         sr.  5-9      G
30 — Cali Ebeling                            sr.  5-8      G
32 — Jessica Ochoa                        so.  5-9     F/C
34 — Emily Richardson                  so.  6-1     F/C
40 — Rickita Fisher                         sr.   5-10   F/C
42 — Erica Kovach                          sr.   6-0     F/C
44 — Becky Adams                         so.  5-10   F/C
50 — Megan Gooch                        sr.   6-3     C
52 — Leah Starr                              so.   6-2     C
54 — Kemberley Gordy                 so.   5-6     G
  Head coach: Rhonda Farney (Howard Payne).
  Assistant coaches: Kellye Richardson (Texas Tech), Doug Hunt (Eastern New Mexico). Kristin Curtis (Tarleton State).
  Trainers: Mike Carroll, Diana Operhall.
  Student trainer: Emily Ramsey.
  Student coaches, managers, statisticials: Deborah Wills, Cara Schlabach,  Keyla Champlin.
  GISD superintendent: Dr. Jim Gunn.
  GHS principal: Pete Zinner.
  GHS athletic director: Larry Moore.
THE 2002-2003 SEASON
(32-5, 14-0 in 14-5A)
Oppoent                                                   Score
Brenham                                                  68-29 (W)
Hewitt Midway                                     50-38 (W)
Austin Westlake                                   51-31 (W)
Lampasas                                                 59-27 (W)
San Antonio Taft                                   44-41 (W)
Marshall                                                    60-39 (W)
Killeen                                                        56-31 (W)
Hewitt Midway                                       62-42 (W)
Ft. Smith (Ark.) Northside                  64-65 (L)
Round Rock*                                            85-38 (W)
San Antonio Southwest                      71-41 (W)
Germantown, Pa.                                   38-48 (L)
Riverdale Baptist, Md.                          36-48 (L)
San Antonio O’Connor                          58-54 (W)
Houston Madison                                   51-52 (L)
R.R. Stony Point*                                    55-31 (W)
R.R. Westwood*                                     64-39 (W)
Yuma Cibola, Ariz.                                  55-40 (W)
Oakridge, Tenn.                                       43-57 (L)
Pittsburgh Oakland Catholic, Pa.     50-48 (W)
Collins Hill, Ga.                                        58-47 (W)
Cedar Park*                                               44-36 (W)
Pflugerville*                                             47-30 (W)
R.R. McNeil*                                             60-18 (W)
Leaner*                                                       58-42 (W)
Round Rock*                                             76-38 (W)
R.R. Stony Point*                                    35-29 (W)
R.R. Westwood*                                      59-44 (W)
Cedar Park*                                               73-35 (W)
Pflugerville*                                             54-43 (W)
R.R. McNeil*                                             57-27 (W)
Leander*                                                    69-41 (W)
Practice Game
Cisco                                                            79-51 (W)
* — denotes District 14-5A game.
Spring Westfield                                         50-39 (W)
Region II Quarterfinals
Houston Cypress-Fairbanks                      44-35 (W)
Region II Semifinals
Plano                                                             65-37 (W)
Region II Finals
Rockwall                                                       45-42 (W)
State 5A Semifinals
Fort Bend Hightower                                  50-34 (W)
State 5A Finals
Duncanville                                                   27-47 (L)
34 — 1991-1992 (4A state finalist), 1995-1996 (5A state semifinalists), 2012-2013 (4A state champions).
33 — 2002-2003 (5A state semifinalists), 2010-2011 (5A state finalists).
32 — 1990-1991 (4A state semifinalists), 1994-1995 (4A regional semifinalists).
31 — 2009-2010 (5A regional semifinalists), 2013-2014 (4A state semifinalists), 2014-2015 (5A regional finalists).
— Compiled by Galen Wellnicki



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